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The Glenarm in Denver Colorado includes these features

· 2 kW PV Solar System
· Private rooftop terraces
· Fenced Yard
· 2 Car Garages
· Semi-Custom Brownstones
· Elevators



What Makes The Glenarm a Great Value and Sustainable? The Glenarm Other Homes
Is there an ENERGY STAR certificate showing the Home Energy Rating System (HERSŪ) score for your home? The lower the score, the closer your home is to a Net Zero Home. A Net Zero Home will produce its own energy needs.  
Is it an ENERGY STARŪ qualified home? ENERGY STAR means your home is well sealed and uses less energy to save you money and lower your carbon footprint.  
Are there insulated Low E Glass ENERGY STAR qualified windows to save energy and reduce sunlight damage to furnishings and floor coverings?  
Is the window to exterior wall ratio compliant with ENERGY STAR requirements and well placed to provide more natural light and cross ventilation throughout your home?  
Is there an ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator?  
Is there an ENERGY STAR qualified dishwasher?  
Is there an ENERGY STAR qualified hot water heater?  
Is there an ENERGY STAR qualified 96.7% or above AFUE furnace with a two stage blower with variable speed operation?  
Is there an ENERGY STAR qualified up to 16 Seer air conditioner with chlorine-free R410 refrigerant?  
Is there a photovoltaic solar system to generate electricity included with your home?  
Does the home offer tree lined street to provide shade to reduce heat in the summer, improve our air by removing gaseous pollutants absorbed through the tree leaves?  
Is the landscaping low water consumption?  
Is there a compost bin incorporated into the landscaping of every front yard?  
Are recycling bins included in the garage?  
Is there resource efficiency for roofing? Durability and the proven long life-cycle of reflective membranes to further reduce the burden on landfills as well as the destruction of both non-renewable and renewable resources.  
Is the building waste recycled during the construction process?  
Is sustainable hardwood flooring used?  
Are you within walking distance of the 16th Street Mall?  
Is there a RTD Light Rail Stop for car free access in and around Denver with steps outside your front door?  
Is there a city park within steps of your front door?  
Is there a private rooftop terrace to enjoy the great outdoors?  
Can you install a small garden on your rooftop terrace?  
Is there an elevator from the foyer to your rooftop terrace?  
Are the right-of-way, each front yard and around the garage areas landscaped?  
Are there low flow plumbing fixtures including EPA Water Sense dual flush toilets?  
Does the community have a Walk Score of 89 or better out of 100? The Walk Score means that you can walk to light rail, coffee shops, restaurants, shopping, sport venues, grocery stores and more!  
Are there 3 zones, which is a separate zone on each level, for your comfort to maintain heat and cooling in your home?  
Are the ducts sealed with mastic sealant?  
Is a duct leakage test performed before insulating the walls to ensure the heating and cooling air reaches its proper room destination?  
Are there insulated stainable front doors?  
Do the roof ceilings and cantilever areas have closed cell spray foam insulation to ensure heat or cool air stays in the home?  
Do the exterior walls have fiberglass loose fill packed insulation to ensure the walls are well insulated?  
Does the foundation have rigid insulation at the living space?  
Is there a blower door test to verify your home's air infiltration by a third party inspection?  
Is there a moisture management plan? The stucco and lath have a bond break over a drain wrap material over semi-permeable sheathing; brick / block have an air space drainage plane with air and moisture outlets; the window flashing ties into the drainage wrap with window sill pan flashing for drainage.  
Was TyvekŪ installed to resist bulk water and air penetration, while allowing moisture vapor to pass through? TyvekŪ is an engineered product made by spinning extremely fine high-density polyethylene (HPDE) fibers that are fused together to form a strong, uniform web.  
Is there a waste water management system for rain and melted snow to be channeled from roof into a drainage system to store water in the detention pond or vault? Water is stored and released slowly into the storm water system to remove impurities from the water to keep our rivers clean and healthy for nature's fish and animals.  
Is VOC (Volatile Organic - Compound) paint used?  
Is there an opportunity to select more green products for your interior finishes?  
Is the fireplace in the living room included?  
Is there a grilling deck off kitchen and dining room?  
Is there a balcony off living room?  
Is there a selection of custom cabinetry to choose from?  
Is an optional private hot tub on your rooftop terrace available?  
Is there a homeowner's maintenance manual?  

Summit Legend's never-ending commitment to design, construction and market conditions necessitates that all pricing, specifications, features, designs and materials are subject to change without prior notice.